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There is so much to do when you are writing a dissertation. As such, it is very easy to miss out on some things. That is why some students opt to hire dissertation professional writers to do the work for them. It is for good reason since the professionals do not omit or forget anything. After all, that is the very definition of their work. Below is a summary of what is involved in writing a good dissertation.

  1. One thing is to find out how dissertations are written so that you mold yours around that structure. Since each dissertation you come across will be slightly different from the next one, you will wonder which has the exact structure you want. By the time you sort out the acceptable average, it will have taken some time.
  2. Another thing is to identify just which methodology you will use. That is easy until you have to actually choose. It will mean checking out each available one and picking out the one that works for you best. This may happen a few weeks, or months, into the work, when you change from the one you had originally chosen.
  3. There is also the matter of actually carrying out analysis of the data you collected. Running all the statistical tests is quite a handful. It gets pretty complex when the tests start returning null results. That means that all the data you gathered is rejecting your hypothesis. The problem is, some parts of the paper you had already written suggest that your findings support your hypothesis. So you have to rewrite that whole section.
  4. All along you will have to be checking with your supervisor every step of the way. Whatever part of the dissertation he feels is inappropriate will have to go. So you will inevitably end up doing a lot of rewriting.
  5. Another thing is that you will be spell-checking every portion you write. So when you change anything, you will spell check all over again. That is perhaps the most demanding part of the writing. Matters are made worse if your mastery of English is not that great to begin with. Spell-checking and proofreading need some getting used to, especially if you have to do them over and over.
  6. After all that, there is the problem of being short of content. Just like in running a marathon, sometimes you hit a wall when writing. You then begin to wonder what more you should add to meet the word count. At that point, whatever you add in one section affects the content in other sections. Adding an extra point in the body of the paper changes the statement in the introduction, the abstract and the conclusion. It goes without saying that several page numbers will have changed, which means revising the table of contents as well.

All this can be done since others have done it. However, at a certain point, you will wish you had a professional doing it for you.  

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