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Enterprises, entrepreneurs, and small and medium size businesses are still waiting for how to enter the social media landscape. The concept of virtual organizations has been around for a decade but still business owners are hesitating.

What's the reason? Are companies scared to get into the "social?"

Business Networking can be a stepping stone to greater influence, recognition, and ultimately, the creation of a thriving global business. I think, small home based businesses, consultants, knowledge workers are grasping the idea, but what is still holding back the traditional companies?

Customer orientation isn't a new thing, but why are so few traditional [Finnish] companies ready to enter the blogosphere or start using social media platforms like Ning?

One of the biggest barriers to successful networking is the fear of starting conversations with strangers. After all, we were raised with our parents telling us “Don’t talk to strangers!”

The door to success is often opened by the most unlikely sources. Virtualization of an organization brings numerous cost-effective benefits to those who are willing to take the step towards open social interaction with clients and partners.

Here we can talk and share ideas about how to better represent ourself in public and making great first impressions ensures that you aren’t missing hidden opportunities.

Business networking might be a key to attracting more perfect clients. It can also be the difference between growth and prosperity instead of going out of business.

What made you commit to developing your skills in this area? I’ll bet you that there are many different stories.

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Media Bullseye tells a very interesting story about content that is buried within e-mails, on our computers in various formats and there is no intelligent way of sharing that information. We still publish only tiny parts of our content for public use and sharing. Why? Should we start to speak about knowledge hiding instead of knowledge management?

Media Bullseye is published to provide media, public relations, and marketing professionals with news and commentary about the modern communications landscape.

If content is King, why are so many people playing hide and seek with the King? And where is King Content heading in the royal business place? For many, the answers are just a royal pain to deal with.

"A lot of business content has been created, and nobody knows it exists. It is buried within e-mails, in shared drives with no organization, ,and in stand-alone spreadsheets and documents," according to Dan Keldsen, the Director of Market Intelligence for AIIM, a non-profit industry organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content and business processes.
We're experiencing an interesting movement at Kauppalehti, the leading business daily in Finland. A handful of leading business bloggers are on the way out towards a new service. Business bloggers have been a "homeless crowd" for quite some time and PIKSU is providing shelter and a more caring environment for the lonely riders.

If you like to know more go to PIKSU. The service is in Finnish language just like Kauppalehti. Most of the piksu-folks are also on KK-Net and writing in English.

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