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5 Careful And Safe Packing And Shifting Tips Right After COVID-19 Gets Shut Down

Packers and Movers Bangalore truly comprehend that how crucial it is to take care and be alert all the time for the safety and assurance of the health. Movers and packers Bangalore do not promote shifting or packing this time looking to the scenario in the entire world. And especially still the major part of India is suffering from COVID-19 “Red alert”. We as being a human not thinking about any profits though getting loss in this lockdown, we’re more thinking about those families who want to shift and relocate in emergency but still can’t because nobody is there to help them out. Looking to the situation and safety of both our clients and staff family members packers and movers in Bangalore is currently avoiding any packing and shifting stories. But definitely soon once the COVID-19 gets shut down we will be standing on one leg to do day & night work just to make you feel comfortable with your dreams.

Yes, you heard it right, Movers and Packers in Bangalore will be serving you the packing and shifting services only in green and orange areas with full safety and caring after the COVID-19 gets shut down.

Have faith in your trustable and top packers and movers Bangalore, we will be taking care of top 5 crucial careful and safety tips for the safety of both the sides.

Just hold your dreams for a better morning and packers and movers in Bangalore will be there just at your doorstep for a safer drive to your destination.

1. Only using fresh packing supplies

If you are connected to us from a long time you will know that instead of promoting our job our major focus is to make your task easy and simple to move. Many of times we have suggested you to find out the places where you can get free moving boxes so that within your budget you can relocate.

But this time we will not even promote this and nor we will be using old or used packing supplies. However, this will definitely affect to your quotation but still nothing is bigger than your health and life to us.

Not even Packers and Movers Bangalore will be using old packing supplies and we will not suggest you to do so. Use fresh packing supplies only, and please don’t think about your pockets this time think only about your life.

2. Recheck all your destination details

This is the most crucial step to do before you plan and step out from your door for the new house. Because in this COVID-19 situation the cases are increasing like a flow of water and you never no when an orange zone transforms to red zone area.

So before going just have a quick research on the place, look whether the condition is okay or not and will it be okay for next future days. Have a good planning and make up all your authorized paper for moving also move with a full proof planning.

3. Hire #Packers and #Movers in #Bangalore for minimum human contact possible

Government has been promoting this from a long way to keep social distancing to avoid spreading the virus and live safe and healthy life. Packers and movers in Bangalore also stick stand to this moral of keeping social distance and avoid spreading the virus. But when it comes to packing and shifting a brief image comes to our mind – which creates a black backdrop of having so many peoples from different places and background; have a risk factor to move? Well have no doubts on our humanity, we know that #packing and #shifting is not easy and its not a deal of 1 or 3 members.

But looking to the COVID-19 situation we have build a small team of members just including the trained and pro packers, movers and drivers. Packers and Movers Bangalore have created a small group of each team and has planned in such a way where one will do the work at time and then next team will come and perform and then next. Packers And Movers Bangalore to Guntur will be kept minimum human contact as possible.

4. Extra sanitize your stuffs

Movers and packers Bangalore are keeping a separate team to sanitize your moving trucks, packed stuffs and even you as well. We maintain the safety and give major priority to sanitize. Even if you’re moving with someone else please keep in mind and ask them in advance about sanitizing the stuffs and trucks.

Make sure to have extra sanitized even if it has been done before moving, ask them to do once you reach to your new house for a better safety. Hire the Top and Safe Movers and Packers in Bangalore for high-end safety in this COVID-19 situation.

5. Consider a warehouse as a backup plan

Movers and packers in Bangalore are offering you an special and sanitized #warehouse facility with separate space this COVID-19 because moving to a new place may create a bad end impact so better is to be safe and secure with a warehouse facility where you can store your goods for as many days or months you want.

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