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Are you interested in psychology?

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Sure, what are you planning to write?

The problem is that psychology is a too wide topic and I actually wanted to discuss some aspects, but I am afraid they are too wide as well.

I'll try to outline some of my thoughts and hope you'll add some of yours, so we'll have a great discussion.

So, my main question is about how psychology affects our lives and how we can affect it with the help of psychology. For example, it is eternal knowledge in business, where you should guess your partner's feelings and choose the right strategy to make him come up with the right decision.

It is also needed in marketing, marketers inspect the psychology of customers to influence their decisions about what to buy

Personally, my partners help me in my peace of mind. For example, for it nearshoring, there are many areas that can improve the quality of work for me and my partners. Perhaps this is exactly what you were looking for.


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