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New funds focus on investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in, health care, wellness sector, industrial and information technology sectors. Also looking into bioenergy, biorefineries, and biotechnology.

Opening with an initial investment fund totaling EUR 20 million. The target size for a focused fund is EUR 40 million. Typically such a fund will concentrate on 8 and 12 small and medium size enterprises, and will invest EUR 2-5 million in each.

The fund's targets are growth companies with established business operations, good financial performance and a positive cash flow.

Sectors in which Finland is strong, such as:

- health care and wellness
- mechanical engineering
- biotechnology and bioenergy
- equipment manufacture
- process automation and information technology

We're actively looking for contacts from growth companies grouped around these areas. Ecosystems servicing these areas can also be attractive investment targets.

Finnish SMEs expertise is in narrow, specialized fields. We're looking for companies with world class products and innovations. With proper funding these companies have the opportunity of becoming global players.

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