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Microbiologists and Biotechnologists!

I got mail from Deirdre Rawlings from "Your inner CEO community" where we've commented each other.

It started from this:

Thanks, that's interesting. What's your take on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) where our food is concerned and are you familiar with Monsanto corporation's agenda with making crops 'Roundup Ready' on a global level?

Hi, Helge
Thanks for mentioning me on your blog -- that's very kind of you.
I am a big supporter of sustainable agriculture and living. Tell me more how we might help and support each other in these areas please.
I look forward to discussions with you...

About Me (DeirdreRawlings):

I am a doctor of naturopathy, nutritionist, author, speaker and health coach. My mission and my passion is to give people the tools with which to create a healthy, vigorous, and energetic life by providing cutting edge information about health, nutrition, and diet.

I'm very passionate about this subject because I believe there are many people unnecessarily suffering from preventable symptoms. It's my job to inspire, motivate, encourage and teach people, and to help them cut through all the misconceptions about health and diet.

You deserve to live a truly powerful, happy, and healthy life with energy and vitality! It's your birthright.


Hi Helge,

Yes, I agree. The name of that excellent documentary was "The World According to Monsanto" -- aptly named when you consider that their number one agenda is to control the majority of the world's food supply and have us eating GMOs that rely on their chemicals. Begin saving seeds is a wise strategy for now since you may need them later down the track and not too far off either.

Please share with me more about microbiologists and biotechnologists and their discussions about the future possibilities of a bio-based economy and how our technology should or could be changed. This is of great interest.


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