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I've been looking into the future prospects of bioenergy for twenty years. We're still in the very beginning.

There's a lot of political talk about the benefits, but the pragmatic implementation is still in the making.

What should we do to become better, stronger and more confident in the field of distributed energy?


Bioenergy has been a big promise since the first energy crisis in the middle of the 70's, but we're still in the middle of nowhere when it comes to large scale adoption of bioenergy.

Why does it take thirty years to get started with something the general public thinks could be a very good and green thing?

Green energy is still in the making. It seems to be more propaganda than compassionate adoption of distributed bioenergy.

What should or could we make to improve on this matter that could be very important for our country?

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What do you think about using smaller, inexpensive drying and cubing equipment to make dried biomass for fuel or cellulosic ethanol use to save on shipping, instead of bales or only doing such operations in large facilities? Would it be feasible for 2-3 farmers or sawmills to get together for a 5-10 ton per day system if that system would use the biomass as its own fuel and cost $100-$200K installed on site? How much does biomass sell for these days?
Gregory, you think about smaller bioenergy plants. We've lots of these at farms in Finland. For a sawmill 1 - 20 MW range is typical. They use the heat for drying kilns and sawmills are looking for ways to turn 10 to 15 % to electricity. If there is a small community in the neighborhood of the sawmill or the location of the bioenergy plant, the heat can be used for district heating. The problem with the adoption of distributed energy is that the initial investment costs are high. But if the price of oil is increasing to $100 per barrel, I think, there will be much more investments in distributed CHP plant (combined heat and power).


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