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What comes after Command Control Communication Intelligence Information Crisis Management? * Building Powerful Partnerships!

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Miten sosiaalista mediaa voidaan hyödyntää innovaatioiden kehittämisessä ja kaupallistamisessa?

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Social Media and Management

What comes after Command Control Communication Intelligence Information Crisis Management?

Powerful Partnerships

People ask, what KK-Net is all about? 

I wrote the following note on Facebook to a new member December 19, 2008 -- and decided to add these lines about this network, our intentions, and goals.

Dear reader,

KK-Net is an open innovation and collaboration platform for people, entrepreneurs, and businesses who like to benefit from doing things together.

- One to One
- Business to Business
- Business to Client
- Many to Many

Join the groups, make friends, talk, share, tell about your activities. The participants are our friends and friends of our friends. We all have as a goal to help members to improve their own business activities.

We advises organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors on how to maximize their human capital and improve productivity with intelligent use of technology and continuous innovation of processes and methods applied.


Technology Trends 2009

  • Are we going to see a new CEO at Apple Computer soon?
  • Is Nokia still going strong or are we seeing a 10 % slump of mobile's sales?
  • The new president will appoint a new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for USA
  • What happens with Yahoo?
  • Google
  • Finnish Forestry over?
  • Is social media about to go global?
  • Do we get smaller and smaller communities?
  • What will the impact of microbubbling be after #Mumbai?
  • Jaiku / Qaiku are tools for microprocessing of change
  • What are runners-up doing?

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Kollektiivinen luovuus

Started by Helge V. Keitel Oct 14, 2009. 0 Replies

Unga startar företag

Started by Helge V. Keitel Jul 28, 2009. 0 Replies

Building Automation in France

Started by Helge V. Keitel Jun 12, 2009. 0 Replies


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Comment by Helge V. Keitel on August 27, 2008 at 1:08pm
Jarmo Lahti kirjoittaa:

Suomalaiset jaiku-käyttäjät alkoivat tuskastua jo viikonvaihteen aikana ja etsiä vaihtoehtoa muista vastaavista palveluista kuten twitteristä, identi.ca:sta ja friendfeedistä. Friendfeedin jaiku-"huoneessa" herkutellaankin jo Jaiku-orvoilla - joista monet tuntuvat aidosti kaipaavan Jaikua.

Helge: Friendfeedissä on paljon tuttuja eri puolilta maailmaa. Jaiku on kokemuksena puhtaampi.

Jo viikonvaihteen aikana alkoivat tracert-todistein ryyditetyt spekuloinnit Jaikun siirrosta Googlen omille palvelimille.

Helge: Mikä tekniikassa mättää?

Jaikun omat sivut kertovat tämän jutun julkaisuhetkellä vain, että "Setting up our nest in a new datacenter, after finding an issue with a server on Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working to get back online soon."

Helge: Jotain uutta ja omituista tapahtui, niinkö?

Jaikun perustajalle Jyri Engeströmille esitetty kysymys palasi sähköpostilla takaisin "Google spokespersonilta". Ainoa lisätieto oli vahvistus siirrosta Googlen omaan konesaliin:

"We've been working on the Jaiku service over the weekend after finding an issue with one of our servers on Friday. As part of the solution, we're moving the service to a Google datacenter. Users can expect Jaiku to be back up soon."
Comment by Helge V. Keitel on August 27, 2008 at 10:24am
The blog as loss leader. To Lacy, who wanted to continue talking about whether bloggers could make money using their sites, one point was that some people--herself included--may find that the blog itself is itself not a direct moneymaker but rather a means to an end.

"I consider my blog a loss leader for my other businesses," Lacy, who does some consulting and gives paid speeches in addition to her professional writing, said. "I do all of those things, but ultimately my blog is the heart of it."

In other words, she was saying that, in her opinion, her blog--which may not itself generate much income directly--builds the community that creates lucrative business for her elsewhere.

And that, she suggested, is precisely the point. By not worrying whether her blog is making money, she is free to write what she wants and not be concerned with how much traffic she gets--in that medium, at least.

Charlene Li, a well-known blogger who until recently was an analyst with Forrester Research, agreed.

"From the beginning of my blog (in 2004, I decided) it's not about driving traffic, it's about driving influence," Li said. "From the beginning, I said I wasn't going to overblog, I was only going to blog when I had something to say."

And because she's developed significant influence, she says even abandoning her official Forrester blog hasn't cost her her community.

"What's amazing to me," Li continued, "is that the audience is starting to follow me....It's really about people wanting to hear what I have to say."
Comment by Helge V. Keitel on August 26, 2008 at 6:17pm
Link to Mindtrek Conference in Tampere. Above is a Friendfeed reporting from the seminar. I'm following and commenting from a distance.
Comment by Helge V. Keitel on August 26, 2008 at 6:15pm
MindTrek 2008 Speakers
Thursday, 03 July 2008 00:00
This year MindTrek Conference will have different sessions in the themes of Social Media, Ubimedia, and Games. In addition to theme sessions there will be some plenary sessions that are joint for everyone. On Tuesday there will be workshops, that are organised by MindTrek's partners.

Confirmed speakers:

Joakim Achren, Ironstar Helsinki
Henri Bergius, Nemein
Peter A. Bruck, the Research Studios Austria, WSA
Simone Brunozzi, Amazon
Marc Davis, Yahoo!
Herkko Hietanen, Turre Legal
Antti Holmroos, KuntaIT (workshops: Openmind)
Jussi Laakkonen, Everyplay
Damien Marchi, FremantleMedia
Martin Michlmayr, HP (workshops: Openmind)
Ville Mujunen, Sulake Dynamoid
Frans Mäyrä, University of Tampere, Hypermedia Laboratory
Pekka Pohjakallio, Nokia
Marcus Rex, Linux Foundation (workshops: Openmind)
Antti Seppänen, Intervisio Oy
Mikko Terho, Nokia (workshops: Openmind)
Marko Turpeinen, The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT

Besides invited speakers we will reserve some slots for the speakers who will be selected via the Call for Papers. These slots will be designated for presentations that are of most interest from a business point-of-view.
Comment by Helge V. Keitel on April 6, 2008 at 2:42pm
Vuosi sitten ryhdyin järjestelmään KK-Netin ja omia kanaviani lukijaystävällisemmiksi. Prosessi jatkuu edelleen.

Kirjoitan useita blogeja, käsittelen erilaisia aihepiirejä suomeksi, englanniksi ja ruotsiksi.

Ningille en ole vielä keksinyt järkevää yhteiskäyttöä. Tässä vaiheessa tämä tuntuu muistikirjalta, jonne tuon asioita, joka ovat keskeneräisiä.

Teen vain muistiinpanoja ajattelematta lukijoita tai kohderyhmiä. Haluaisin tästä KK-Netin ja oman näköisen.

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