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Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

SPF and DKIM are authentication protocols that are a requirement in any modern email marketing effort. The TXT records for SPF and DKIM reside in the DNS zone file for your sending domains. Without SPF and DKIM authentication, your emails might be rejected because of the lack of one or both authentication protocols. If you are sending email marketing campaigns, SPF and DKIM are critical tools to pass Sender Authentication tests for major ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Many of these…


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Actual benefits of Hiring Relocation agencies

Shifting to a new house and making it your home can be really exciting. But with shifting, comes the tedious job of packing all your stuff and moving to a new location. People today don't have the time to do thorough packing in order to move. They just want to move as soon and as seamlessly as possible so that they can start afresh. So packing and moving your things can prove to be a real pickle. 

That is why it's a good idea to hire a company of packers and movers so they can take…


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Personality Development Tips for UPSC Board Interview

The last stage to clear before you can call yourselves IAS officers is the UPSC Board Interview stage (also known as the UPSC Personality Test). In this stage, you will face the UPSC board. Here, you will be tested on various aspects of knowledge, aptitude, personality, attributes, leadership qualities, the ability to handle situations, etc. Apart…


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How To Crack Any General Competitive Exam In First Attempt

The first thing you should do before you immerse yourself in exam preparation is getting a job. If you are one of the students who appear for the entrance exam, follow these tips to hack every competition exam in preparation.

What follows are a few tips for preparing for a competition.

The preparation for any competition is…


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How to Prepare for any Competitive exam – Tips & Tricks

Cracking competitive exams is the only way to gain entry into lucrative jobs in the government sector. A mixture of regular study and extracurricular activities, including group discussions, help you to excel in these exams. One should have a clear focus and planned routine of study. In order to crack interviews, one must discuss and…


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How To Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC Without Reading Newspaper?

Current Affairs is an important part of your training for the UPSC CSE. It is included in the prelims syllabus.  Although not specifically stated in the UPSC mains examination syllabus, specific questions about recent events are frequently asked during the examination. But one question that often emerges in the minds of aspirants is-“How to…


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How to Start Current Affairs Preparation for IAS/IPS/UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021?

Current Affairs play a significant role in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation as the dynamic questions appear in all three stages of the examination- Pre, Mains, and Interview. The Questions may be directly or even indirectly linked to the static part of the syllabus. UPSC recent trend shows, dynamism in question pattern will grow in the upcoming…


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Findings on Domain Protection and DMARC

As awareness about DMARC grows, the numbers of domains that implement DMARC continue to rise. However, it might not be time to be satisfied just yet. Despite the wider outreach of DMARC implementation for domain protection, 3 billion spoofed messages per day still make it to unsuspecting people’s inbox, under the cover of a valid,…


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What is the best way to prepare for GK/Current Affairs for competitive exams?

Current Affairs is very challenging subject matter and any student could find it hard to study for long periods of time. The reason why you should study Current Affairs in the right way is because it and GK is clearly a very competitive field with many students and courses to study for.  I am…


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Ransomware Protection with DMARC

Ransomware has become a commonplace threat faced by victims of industrial espionage and other cybercrimes. In the simplest terms, a ransomware encrypts all of a user’s data and demands payment in exchange for restoring access. Once the ransom is paid, the information is restored but with barriers raised around the encrypted…


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How to Prepare for General Awareness Section for SSC

When you are preparing for your competitive exams (in any discipline), it is very important that you develop skills in GK. General Awareness is very helpful in competitive exams, because you need to look at many different aspects of the exam materials and answer questions on your own. Also, knowing what other students think about various topics can…


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How to prepare Important Tips for UPSC Interview

The performance of the students at UPSC Civil Services interview ultimately decides the final rank in the merit list.

5 quick tips to crack UPSC Civil Services interview round. It is important to know the answers to the above questions as it will help you in getting the best result from the said exam. Apart from doing well in the examination,…


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What Legal Penalties Are Charged For Breaking A Lease?

80% of Indian population are living in a rented house or a flat. Living in a rented apartment is not…


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How to Study General Knowledge for Entrance Exams

We appear for entrance exams to reach our dream career destination. Before we start preparing for any entrance exam, we glance through the syllabus and various sections of the paper. In our pursuit to excel in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language section, we tend to ignore one of the most scoring sections i.e. Grammar. The reason is because most of the time we are busy reading and solving questions about the material being taught. When we forget to pay attention to…


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9 Things You Must Do When Arriving In Your New Neighbourhood Presented By Packers And Movers Jaipur

It’s not just a new place there is lot more in it you can do for yourself, obviously it’s hard to meet new people and make new friends and distinguish between who is good and who is... anyway why don’t we turn tables on our side ya we can do so we can enjoy this transition and make it worthy, can learn good habits and can do some good to our community. So you will be asking what you have to do for pursuing this mission, then folks you don’t have to do much just read the below #Packers and… Continue

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Before You Move Know What It's Like To Live In A Beach Town

That beautiful sunset on a beach is really a bliss, for some people living near a beach is in their bucket list, so whenever they get urge to enjoy the beauty of beach they can walk or peddle and can get their in a minute. Maybe they wanna start their mornings by doing yoga and wanna bath in that sweet sunrise. You can imagine right how blissful it will feel in reality? But like every coin have two sides living in a beach have it's own drawbacks too. So here we are,…


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How to prepare for Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Current Affairs from the viewpoint of a civil services aspirant is nothing but the news of the day with regards to the profession. It keeps you informed on what is going on in the society and hence enhances your knowledge by way of imparting details that are either not available elsewhere or which are related only to this particular field of work. To…


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Must To Have Items If You Are Moving To Tiny House

When you get to know about the perks of living in tiny house you though it’s alluring and now here you are packing your stuff to move into your tiny house, but wait - wait tiny house have it's own limitations too and too convert it in tour favour you should know what you need to do right, ya tiny house is price effective, convenient mobility and adorable and in these world of Instagram and charm it's becoming more popular but tiny house is made of around 400 square feet of space and if you…


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Guide For Packing Up The Master Bedroom In An Organized Way

Shifting to a new home is like starting a new phase if your previous experience with old home wasn't that great then you can write this one with the thing's you felt you should have done in your previous home, many of your will be questioning that- when moving come's with lot of perks which differ for people to people, then why people still do haaaaaa! After hearing the word moving? because moving is fun and exciting but packing and moving your household goods isn't, you have to take care of…


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5 Tips to Improve Current Affairs Knowledge for Exams and SSB

Many students find that they learn better when they are actively involved in the course. To make the most of your SSB, you have to make use of books, CDs or other resources which can enhance your learning. Upon reaching the end of the course, you…


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