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How can I make my intro better for my essay on Technology?

For the better introduction and improving the whole essay generally, let’s start with the work plan creation. It helps to systematize the material and ensures consistency of exposition. The plan is made by a student independently or with the help of tutor, considering the work conception. However, despite the variety of individual approaches to the traditional technology essay, the plan is following:

  • Introduction.
  • Chapter 1 (the full name of the chapter).
  • Chapter 2 (full name of this chapter).
  • Chapter 3 (full name of this chapter).
  • Conclusion.
  • List of references.
  • Application (at author’s discretion).

The number of chapters can vary, certainly.

The essay also can have just one chapter – the body.


The introduction and how we can improve it?

Even experienced writers often have some troubles with introductions writing. It seems redundant, because if you describe your idea in the main part of the essay (body of the text), why do we need to repeat it twice? A good introduction - it's more than just the thesis of your essay. Visit essay-writing-services.me in case you need help with it. But while writing your intro by yourself, try to intrigue a reader, outlining the main idea of your work. The introductory text determines how the reader will look at your essay and the bulk, in its turn, will show how justified your arguments are.

The introduction should ground the actuality of your scientific and technology theme, stated aims and the major issues that are expected to be disclosed, to achieve this goal. Here should bealso specified what materials were used while the work was performing. And brief characterization of literature in terms of completeness coverage your chosen topic has to be indicated as well. Furthermore, in the introduction you must specify the methodological basis on which the research will be built. The introduction volume shouldn’t exceed 1 - 2 pages.

Set the right tone. Preamble defines your attitude to the text and establishes a relationship with your reader. From the very beginning, explain that this is a science and technology essay, containing certain technical terms and concepts. Provide the background information and the importance of issue. Present the plan coverage for your particular topic. You should also structure the introduction in the same manner as the main part of your text. If you can describe in few sentences the main points of the essay in the right order, you will give a reader the motivation to go on.

After you’ve created your intro – reread it. If you was interesting by reading that personally - means the introduction was performed qualitatively. 

Good luck! 

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