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Different Methodologies to Writing That Body Paragraph

Do you often get feedback from your teacher that your essay lacks structure? Or that you are missing certain parts like support to that statement you made?

Follow tried and tested methods of writing body paragraphs to prevent overlooking essential parts of your essays.

The first common method is the PEEL method. This is a straightforward method that allows for formulating the most basic paragraph.

What PEEL stands for:

  • Point - make your point
  • Explain - explain your reasoning
  • Evidence provide evidence that proves your point
  • Link - link to the question and the next paragraph

Next popular method is the PESEL method. A slight variation of the PEEL, where you will be required to replace the ‘Evidence’ phase with ‘Support’ and ‘Evaluate’. This allows a slightly more sophisticated argument where you can challenge your own points and support them to provide more depth. It is recommended that at least 1 of your paragraphs will follow the PESEL method - usually the first body paragraph.

  • Point - make your point
  • Explain - explain your reasoning
  • Support - support your point with evidence
  • Evaluate - evaluate your point and evidence
  • Link - link to the next paragraph

Another alternative is to use the Hamburger model. The idea of a hamburger is differs slightly from person to person. But pretty much everyone would agree that it will follow something like the below

The must haves:


  • Top bun - Topic sentence of the paragraph
  • Meat/ patty - Evidence and support
  • Bottom Bun - concluding the statement

The additions:

  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Sauce

In the case essay writing, the must haves is the parts of the essay that you should spend time formulating and writing well. In addition to this, you can layer some cheese, lettuce and sauce. What does this include? These are little additions that bring your argument to life. For example, anecdotes - a short story that helps bring a statement to life. While you can use these sparingly, when used well these will make the essay more interesting, and you will definitely score more points for style from the reader.

Try an essay example free and see if you can spot the different sections mentioned above in these essays. Learning how to spot the various sections of the paragraph will help you understand what they require and will expose you to a variety of styles. Once you have seen many examples, you can pick and choose what works for you. Always, plan your paragraphs in one of the above methods and never lose marks for not remembering to provide adequate evidence or missing out on a clear topic sentence.

Remember, this is just a framework for you to use. There is still a lot of research and understanding of the topic that is required before you can master the skill of essay writing.

Other ways of acing that essay assignment are to get some professional help. The most efficient way to get professional help is to use trusted essay writing services. These will help elevate your essays and boost your confidence in wiring again.

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