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How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

Moving your furniture by yourself does not mean you are completely at your own. You will need your friends or relative as the hand of assistance. One person would not be able to manage all of these tasks at his own. These tasks include moving the moving the couch downstairs or loading the furniture in the truck etc. There is a huge difference between the help of the professionals packers and movers or the help of your family, friends or relatives etc. When you are moving at your own with the help of your mates then you need to plan everything by yourself.

Here is the list of the tips to move heavy furniture by yourself:

Analyze and Make a Plan

Being efficient should be the most important ideal to follow during a DIY move. Make the list of every item that you need to move then figure out when and where you need to move these goods. The heaviest objects are needed to be on the back and sides of the container to strike a balance during transportation. Therefor you need to do all the heavy lifting in the beginning to keep all your goods safe. Make the list as per the order of being loaded into the truck.

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Arrange all the Required Equipment

It is one of your primary duties to figure out that how you are going to load and transport your furniture. You ne find out all of the items that you are going to need for the process of loading and transportation and arrange them. These things include moving straps, furniture dollies and furniture sliders etc.

Disassemble the Furniture into its Subsequent Part

The more in sub parts you can divide the furniture the more it is better for the process. Taking away all these parts such as cushions, legs, knobs and drawers etc will help to pack and load them easily. In case you have to take out some screws and bolt etc out you should store them all in a chained polybag so that it becomes easier to access them.

Follow Proper Lifting Techniques

It is very essential to follow proper lifting techniques. With the help of the right equipment you can easily slide, push and drag your furniture. It will make the stress on your body very less and will make the entire task a lot easier for you.

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Comment by Coopers on January 24, 2020 at 4:31pm

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