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How to prepare for Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Current Affairs from the viewpoint of a civil services aspirant is nothing but the news of the day with regards to the profession. It keeps you informed on what is going on in the society and hence enhances your knowledge by way of imparting details that are either not available elsewhere or which are related only to this particular field of work. To succeed in the examination, you need to be well informed about current affairs and forums that are relevant to your chosen field of work. A lot of time and effort is required in order to gather pertinent information about these forums which can then be used in your preparation for the test. To improve one’s rank in this competitive examination, students need to be well-prepared with relevant knowledge on current affairs.

This means that they should be familiar with news channels, political debates, political leaders, movies etc. This preparation could also extend to reading books on the same subject matter. Besides reading books, students can listen to speeches made by politicians and watch current affairs programs on TV to gain insight into how they make their decisions. Current Affairs is a large subject area in which many people have an interest. It comprises of various strands of disciplines like political analysis, social science, economics and sociology. The competence level with which you are expected to deal with this is carefully watched by the candidates as it shows how far you have progressed in your training. However, it is not possible for a candidate to become a UPSC Civil Services at the present time if they do not have basic understanding of current affairs. Because this factor plays a crucial role in decision-making process of Civil Services Administration, development of knowledge on current affairs is very important for UPSC aspirants.

What are the sources one must cover for current affairs?

It takes a reading comprehension level of at least grade 4 to pass UPSC civil services examination. To prepare for current affairs examination you need to get familiar with credible opinions, analyses and contemporary stories and issues from all over the country. You also need to learn the above-mentioned skills along with reading proficiently and quickly. The candidates who are able to answer questions effectively are the ones who got marks in the range of 20-30 percent in class 10 and above. This means that candidates who are highly motivated and calm are also those who excel at reading and understanding written communication. One of the essential aspects of UPSC Civil Services Examination is to become familiar with the procedures involved in filing applications for sponsor under provisions of Civil Services Act, 1970. The candidates should be acquainted with submission of reports and recommendations by concerned departmental officer on statistical data gathered by the applicants during investigations.

While preparing for examination the candidates should also learn about concepts related to current affairs such as economy, politics, and culture and refugee issues. Students of civil services (UPSC) often find themselves in the position of having to answer pertinent questions regarding their academic performance and professional competence during a live examination. As part of the exam preparation process it is important to gain insights into relevant issues by reading various current affairs articles. Examiners need to be well informed not only about the procedures followed in process but also about issues related to implementation such as funding, policies and procedures followed by different departments. The UPSC examination is a tough one. It not only requires you to show that you have good moral conduct and accountancy skills but also that you are well informed about current happenings in the country and even the world. Reading newspapers is not a bad idea at all. It may help you understand how people react to various issues related to their day-to-day lives. You may also find it comforting to know what the thoughts and feelings are of the politicians and other influential people in your locality.

It is important to read newspapers not only because they offer us different points of view but also because they put issues in perspective and help us understand the bigger picture. The internet is an excellent source of current affairs too but there are certain websites which are designed more for this purpose than others. Some of these websites will run articles on specific news items while others would offer you lengthy analyses of entire issues. So while browsing through various newspapers makes sure you choose one that gives you and the objective of UPSC exam is very challenging. It is not a place where one can relax and take a breather.

It has more pressure and urgency then life or death. All the candidates must work hard and continue with studied discipline even if it gets challenging at times. Candidates should learn how to handle different situations whether at home or in workplace. They should know how to conduct themselves in common situations like speaking to seniors, visiting doctors etc. Current affairs along with general knowledge are an integral part of any government or competitive exams. Now days it holds a significant weightage in any exam. It has such a limitless syllabus that even when you study it daily, you would not be able to complete it thoroughly.

How to prepare the current affairs from these booklets?

The most important thing for you to know beforehand is how to read the current affairs objectively. Before reading any article, you have to evaluate its credibility and accuracy. You can do this by asking decent people for their points of view. Only after you have found out what is reliable and not reliable will you be able to decide which sources are trustworthy and which ones you should trust. It is also important to study a number of books on current affairs that have been published in the past five years as these will help you relate to real issues that people are facing today.

When you are spending four hours reading a book on one topic you are missing out on knowledge from other related topics which are also important. Reading newspapers and magazines is indeed the minimal preparation required for succeeding in CSE. However, many students find that even a single day spent in such sources can trigger their imaginations and bring about fantasies about what they could potentially become. Once such student often feels that he can begin taking steps toward attaining whatever goals he may have in his mind, and this can subsequently lead him to making some rather irrational and dangerous decisions.

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