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Packing Tips for Fragile Items While Moving to Bangalore


Are you moving in Bangalore but you have loads of goods to move, amongst which most of them are fragile and delicate items? You need not to worry at all. You can either hire professional packers and movers Bangalore to have safe and smooth move or you can just follow the following tips to pack your fragile items: –

Prepare in advance

Preparing in advance for you move will help to have safe and damage-free shifting in Bangalore. You will get enough time to manage your time to do different phases of relocation process. Packing your valuable, especially porcelain, crystal and other breakable items need lots of patience. You cannot pack them in hurry and put them into risk. So, plan and prepare for your move in advance so that you can manage your time to pack all the fragile and delicate items safely.

Have the Right Tools

You know that packing fragile items can be really risky. Even a single mistake while doing this cost you a lot. So, make sure you have the right tools and equipment to pack your goods. If you have the original boxes of the items then use them only and if not then find the right sized boxes. Apart from the boxes you would require other packaging materials also that help in preventing the goods from damaging. So, get bubble wrap, moving blankets, foam peanuts, crumbled papers, etc.

Know How to Pack Fragile Items

As you can see the different types of fragile and delicate items around you at your home then here’s know the different ways to pack the different fragile items: –

Plates/Dishes: – Plates should be packed vertically in small to medium carton boxes lined with crumpled packing paper on the bottom and top. You can place the disposable plates in between standing dishes in the box to keep them from secure from breaking or cracking during transportation.

Lamps: – These should be packed separately in a box with lots of paper. Fill the box with crumpled packing papers. Wrap the lamp with bubble wrap before placing it into the box. And again put some crumpled papers on the top of the box. Seal it properly with packing tape.

Picture Frames: – If the frames are more than 8 inches then it should be packed vertically in standing position in the boxes just like the done with the dishes. Use crumpled papers to cushion the boxes before putting the frames and then again fill it with crumpled papers to avoid any movements of the frames. Frames that are more than 3 feet should be secured with moving blankets, plastic wrap, bubble wrap and moved separately.

Big Fragile Goods: – For the bulky and heavy items like TV, microwave, etc. you should use moving blankets. And if you don’t have or cannot afford this then, you can pack the goods using small blankets and towels you have. These also prevents the fragile goods from damages.

You can estimate your moving cost using an online packers and movers cost calculator. You may check packers and movers rates and charges city wise as given below:-

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