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When you see a black cat crossing your way, do you think you’ll have bad luck?

Perhaps you don’t have any “standard” superstitions, but maybe you’ve caught yourself developing a little one. Maybe you wore your favorite “lucky” shirt to every exam when you were in college?

We think most people have been there at some point. But some gamblers have taken theirs to a whole other level.

Who Turned to the Talisman?

The typical “lucky charms” that come to mind are lucky coins or a rabbit’s foot. You don’t really think of a pet rock (and this is before pet rocks were a thing!)

The legendary Hall of Famer and poker veteran, Doyle Brunson, had a little black rock as his lucky charm. The rock’s value is around 5 USD, and he gave it a pet name, too — Casper. Another ghost from the Ghostbusters movie is engraved on the rock, but ghosts are ghosts, so Casper works just fine. https://gambling-superstitions.info/

Casper gained such a following that Brunson was able to rent it out to other aspiring players for 200 USD per half hour. He has stated that renting it has earned him more than 15,000 USD alone!

Howard Lederer was tempted by the trinket and offered 3,500 USD to buy the rock, Brunson agreed. There was just one caveat — Lederer will only get Casper once Brunson dies.

Who Gives Alms to the Poor?

Professional poker player Robert Turner has managed to combine his superstitious beliefs with his religious beliefs. A very odd feat, maybe never encountered before. Perhaps Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” has profoundly impacted people to the point of seeing God, but what’s happening here?

Well, Turner says you have to give some to get some.

He has been donating to those less fortunate than himself for nearly 20 years. He had been waiting for a cab in Las Vegas that fateful day in 1980 in front of a homeless shelter. He had uttered a prayer in silence, vowing to help those people if he won the Lake Tahoe tournament.

Sure enough, he won the tournament and stayed true to his word. He has been making donations ever since.

We could all have more superstitions resembling this one...

Orange You Superstitious!

Johnny Chan reigned supreme in the 1980s, winning 10 bracelets and two WSOP main events two years in a row! Was it skill, was he on a winning streak or was it all a bit of luck?

Well, it was an orange.

The orange played a part in it, just bear with us.

So Chan would always bring a fresh orange to the table with him. He claims that the smell of smoke bothered him and this was a way to refresh himself. Ok, we remember those “gas chamber” days before the smoking ban, but still, orange you suspicious?

Whether Chan thinks so or not, the orange seems to be a lucky charm to the Chinese-American, and lo and behold, it started a trend!

An array of fruit-bearing fresh-faced players could subsequently be seen, hoping to get some of that Chan luck their way.

And has it worked for them?

Well, its apples and oranges. Even if you can’t be like the Top Banana, at least you shouldn’t give a fig about it.

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Comment by Lionel on August 13, 2020 at 8:25am

Personally, I don't believe in any superstitions, it's more important for me to choose the gaming resource reliably in order to have a perspective for luck, you know, most casinos will not let you to ever win. I currently find pleasure in playing with casino welcome bonus an awesome deal in the form of free spins that you can try on a new game

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