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Top 8 Things to Carry in Kedarnath Yatra 2022–2023| Trekking Tips

You will be on Kedarnath Yatra Trek in Uttarakhand, stay at hotel which also serves vegetarian food. There are no restaurants or hotels at the site of Lord Shiva so plan to stay there for more than a day if you can. If it becomes difficult to carry heavy bags and luggage, then hire a local bike / auto rickshaw on the way to Kedarnath as they carry various kinds of vegetables and fruits from outside villages. Khandarnath is one of the best and holy places in Uttarakhand, India. Lord Shiva temple placed at an altitude of 3587 meters.

Kedarnath has a long history during several centuries. It is considered as one of the most important and famous pilgrimage places in Uttarakhand. There are many things we need to carry while doing Kedarnath Yatra. Because Kedarkantha trip Yatra is a Trek around 18 KM. Normally it takes 8-10 hours to reach there. For example, our body needs food water, and clothes for the entire journey. Important things like mobile phone, Camera, wallet. But still there are many more important things that we need to carry during yatra. Below is the list of things we cannot miss while going on yatra.

Few tips for your Kedarnath Temple trek 2022:

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· Start your trek early in the morning to avoid the harsh sunlight of noon.

· Carry an umbrella and raincoat as per weather

· Walk with good grip shoes and try to carry only necessary things in your bag because a heavy bag can slower your speed in the trek and an extra load can hurt your back.

· Carry water bottles but don’t through them anywhere, respect nature.

· Keep your eyes on the trekking route most of the time cause sometimes ponies coming back from the temple can hit you or can cause serious injury.

Most important 8 things to carry for Kedarnath Yatra

Light Baggage:

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During a Kedarnath yatra, you should not need to carry extra stuff with you. You should keep the minimum things which require during a Kedarnath Temple Trek. So here is the list of important things you must carry for Kedarnath Yatra. Keep the light baggage in the bag. During Kedarnath Yatra, you should not carry more things with you but the minimum which is required during a Kedarnath Temple Trek.

Warm Clothes:

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If you are going to the Kedarnath temple, it’s important you carry your winter clothes. You might experience snowfall there, so it’s very important you carry jackets, etc. which cover your feet to head and allow you to not catch a cold or pneumonia. It is one of the most breathtaking places in the world and you must see it at least once in your lifetime. As we all know, it can get very cold in Kedarkantha tour package during winters, so its important people carry warm clothes with them. Jackets, etc. with them which cover them from toe to head.


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When you are travelling towards the Kedarnath Temple, you will come across some challenges and challenges. You need to carry certain medicines to treat your cold and fever and to avoid unnecessary dependencies upon other people you will carry extra medicine for stomach and vomiting.

In addition, you can also carry mineral water for yourself in case of any accidental spills. You must carry medicines with you during the Kedarkantha trek . It is important that you do not depend on anyone else when it comes to your cold and fever. Some extra medicine for your stomach and vomiting may be useful during this journey.

Good Snow Hiking Boots:

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Kedarnath Temple is at an elevation of 3,650 meters and you will have to climb a total of 1750 meters between the base camp and the temple itself. Therefore, it is important for you to carry good trekking boots during your Kedarkantha package travel through the snow. Moreover, the route from base camp to Kedarnath provides you with an exciting view of snowy terrain.

In general, any hikers would have trouble in walking on snow as it can be slippery. But with such kinds of boots, it helps them conquer all terrain such as sand and mud easily. The hiking boots are very important while going towards and coming back. You must carry good trekking boots because you will face snowfall on the way. This would be a good investment if you are a regular trekker.

Pack Foods:

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As the trek is a little long, we request you to carry some dry fruits, chocolates, and biscuits. You can also add some spices in your packed foods. The problem with most people is they walk 18 Km up in the mountains without carrying any appropriate clothes that suits mountain conditions. Food is also a priority during Yatra as it gives you energy to walk around for hours and days. So, we advise you to carry some tinned food with you.

Water Bottle:

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Water is something which gives us life, so it’s very important to carry a water bottle along with you during Kedarnath Yatra. You will not only be able to stay hydrated but also keep yourself warm during the journey. Hot water bottles are ideal for this purpose because they keep the body warm and prevent your body from losing heat. Bring along a water bottle. You will be spending a lot of time on your feet or in waiting for buses, and you’ll need to stay hydrated.


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During the Kedarnath Temple trek, you can carry an umbrella which is most important for trekking. As the climate is extremely hot and humid during June – September in the hills of Uttarakhand so an umbrella is mandatory during this period of the year. An umbrella is an essential item to carry during Kedarnath Temple trek. This is because some months of the year have heavy rainfall which makes it a necessity to carry an umbrella with you.

Jio Sim Card: The best network in Uttarakhand is Jio Network. Am happy to see that they were able to cover even the Kedarnath temple. As we are taking our trekking plans seriously, so we would be glad if they take this opportunity and offer their services over there. We will be happy to provide them with such important details like phone number, email id or website address if need be.

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