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We're looking for systems integrators and individual specialists in the field of building automation measurement technology. The measurement and control devices designed and manufactured by our supplier are modern, installation friendly and of good quality. Technical innovations of our products have become a standard for the measurement devices.

Our first goal is to find a country and or area manager with good understanding of the Greater Paris area and Berlin and or Munich building automation market and the ability to work with local, regional and national systems integrators.

The products have become familiar to the building automation professionals for the last 20 years. Modern building, increase of automation, national and European standards have raised the demand of necessary measurements.

The active product development and co-operation with customers has created an extensive product family to the growing needs of the building automation market. Technical design, fastening and installation solutions and the multiple measurement ranges of the transmitters ease and speed up the commissioning of our products.

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What kind of projects should we be looking at? I'll collect pictures to represent potential objectives.
We talk about building automation in Qaiku.

I've a number of new ideas about building automation. This year has been very busy, but I'll get back to this theme in the coming months. My first blog posting will be about how to use CO2 measurement to control airflow at airports, shopping centers and buildings with a big flow of people; peak and low times.
Innovation definition. Hutch Carpenter just wrote a nice post outlining 25 different definitions of innovation. This is an interesting exercise. He breaks the definitions down into five sub-categories, which all reflect slightly different takes on the nature of innovation.

I find this interesting because I frequently hear people discount the importance of innovation by saying that it is just a buzzword. As evidence, they talk about how it means something different to every person that uses it. In this short video, I get some help from my new kitten Schumpeter in trying to explain why this is so, and why this does not actually reduce the importance of innovation.

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