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I'm searching for a new role for this network. Still confused and clueless. What do you think about creative digital writing as a new theme?

My first goal is to organize a building project and need a truck load of construction wood to renovate an old building in the sleepy village of Wirby.

Inside this house my mind travels over one hundred years back in time. It takes me to the belle epoque and to the beginning of 1900.
  1. Finland wasn't independent
  2. The Russian revolution was building up
  3. The first world war started a few years later
  4. The second world war forty years later

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Here is another aspekt of creative writing. Take a look at Tietoviikko looking for a network writer.

* write a short resumé
* could I be writing from northern Finland
* how about covering regional developments
Take a look at this article:

Thanks to the (technological) development during recent years, we now have technologies available which allow us to communicate and share information with other people, across time and space, in a variety of ways. If you need to have a rich, two-way and real-time conversation with an audience you do not know in advance and want anyone to be able to join, you can do that. If you only need to send a small text message to one specific recipient while you are out on a run in the park, you can do that. If you want to be able to discover, connect and collaborate with like-minded people across the globe who you don’t yet know, you can do that.

The access to these communication tools is also being democratized as virtually anyone who possesses basic computer skills and a device that can access the Internet can get access to and use the tools anytime and from anywhere they want. For free. No education or training required.

Source: The Content Economy by Oscar Berg |This is a blog about the communication shift enabled by the Internet and how it affects businesses + how 2.0 / social design principles and technologies can be used to facilitate communication, findability, knowledge sharing, innovation, collaboration...


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