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Despite popular belief this is NOT the most effective way to turn a MLM network marketing lead into a downline member. People may not agree but you will only attract those people that are full of hype, get rich quick, or have a lottery mentality. Not only that but people don't believe that stuff anyway. As a true business owner you have to ask yourself if you really want that type of attention. If you want to have a lasting business the Lotto Destroyer System  answer is no.The most powerful way to market to a MLM network marketing lead is to sell your LIFESTYLE. Truth be told money is only a by product. People don't want money they want freedom. They want to be able to spend time with their kids, not miss a soccer game, or even take their spouse to the park for a picnic in the middle of the day while everyone is working. Always keep in mind when marketing sell the prospect a hole not the drill.Basically put a drill is your network marketing opportunity. These are all a dime a dozen. On the outside looking in they all look the same. Now the hole is the lifestyle people desire. Harp on that and nothing else. If you can get good at this one thing your income will go to another level. As you do lifestyle marketing you will hands down attract higher quality prospects.

Not only that you are positioning yourself as a professional to that MLM network marketing lead and not as another online network marketing peddler. You may say I am new to this and I don't have a lifestyle to sell, I don't have the money to travel yet, show off my cars and house, or whatever. That is fine. Get familiar with the people on your team and their stories and sell that. This is more powerful because you are getting in that prospects mine they will be working with a team that is focused on their success.Is your life fulfilling and amazing? Are you following my "7 Tips To Create an Amazing Life" for yourself? If not you can get a copy at my website. If you received a copy but you haven't started reading, why not?

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