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10 Offbeat Things To Do In Spiti Valley

Spiti is hands down the most gorgeous place in the whole of North India. Spiti is an absolute dream for any photographer searching for amazing landscapes to shoot. If you have travelled to places like Manali, Shimla, Mcleod Ganj or Kasol in Himachal Pradesh, or maybe you have visited Uttarakhand than you must know how the vegetation, narrow roads, English architecture and churches are the amazing highlights of the whole trip.

But what puts Spiti in its own lane and different from all these places are

Trek your way upto the monasteries- Spiti is an epitome of nature's beauty. Being around so much greenery and away from the nasty pollution definitely deserves your full attention. What's the better way spend time with nature than walking in it and not going to places via cars. You will be able to experience a whole that people in cars will miss out on. The biggest monastery in Spiti is the fort like key which is at an elevation of 4,166 meters (13,668 ft) it overlooks the Spiti River. This monastery is also known as Key Gompa; architecturally speaking this monastery was built in pasada style.

The main charms of monasteries are the positive vibes and peace we feel just by simply by being there. Surrounded by beautiful places to visit in spiti valley with the beautiful Buddhist culture will make you feel lighter and forget about your troubles.

Camping at lake site- Waking up to the view of a stunning crescent shaped lake which is why it's called Chandra Taal, is definitely going to be an once in a lifetime experience for you. You can literally experience sleeping under the sky by camping near the lake, with the weather being generous and giving during the months of May to September. It is situated at 4,300 meters (14,107 ft). The lake is surrounded by mountains covered in snow giving a stunning view. The major attraction of the lake is that it changes color of its water throughout the day, during the end of the day it becomes an amazing emerald green color.

Home stays with the natives- Spiti is not only known for its view and mountain sites but also for its culture which is a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism. To an authentic essence of the Tibetan culture you must taste their home made salty and buttery tea. It’s a culture of peace and enlightenment. People often even choose to stay at these villages with these because of their friendly nature and hospitable mentality. Home stays have become more and more popular over last few years.  

Yak safari- Safari is a common and famous part of vacations yet I bet you wouldn’t have heard of yak safari which is another highlight of our trip to Spiti. There are many places to visit in Spiti and yak safari is definitely the one you should visit.

Visit Fossil Park at Langza- Now you may think fossil parks aren’t that uncommon in most places but let us tell they are uncommon in a hill station, simply put fossils are the things archeologists dig up to prove evolution and to search new facts about the species. Now it’s been a long debated issue that Himalayas have been or not risen from the oceans since scientists claim that everything on earth have in fact risen from the oceans these fossils found at Langza prove that Himalayas the great mountain is no different and follow the same set of rules as the things in evolution. You can cover the whole of Langza tour by our Spiti Valley Tour Packages.

Stargazing at Langza and Komic- The high altitude villages of Spiti valley has a character of their own. One of their charms is the sky at night, its special clear view allows you to star gaze all night long the views are when plainly put are out of this world. You will have the whole skyline available at your dispense for photography and to just lay there and talk with your companions. Many of the travellers from Delhi to Spiti valley have given rave reviews of their experiences of stargazing.

Visiting the hidden valleys and meadows- While lakes like chandrataal and dhankan leave you spellbound, the Baralacha and Kunzum passes will take you to the top of the world with its formidable altitude. Many travellers visit manali and seek the thrill of wilderness and are often not satisfied but here in Spiti you won’t be cause its full of hidden meadows and creeks where you conjure up a sense of exploring on own without feeling like you are just following a crowd of tourists from one spot to another. Manali to Spiti valley is a journey is specifically designed for people like you who want to do things differently.

Visit chandrataal lake- As has been said before the beauty of the lake is indescribable. It’s a serene blend of nature consisting of a water body and surrounded by rugged mountains. It’s basically a painting come to life. Anyone who’ll be visiting here is going to be awestruck. Tso Chikgma or Chandra Taal is in a protected niche with some flowers and wildlife in summer. Maximum length of the lake is 0.6 meter and its width being 0.31 meters. Its surface elevation is 4,250 meters (13,940 ft) above sea level. Packages offered by Capture A Trip include Spiti valley road trip which always makes a stop at the lake.

See the Lama statue with an interesting story behind it- Around45-50 years ago Indian military was digging to build bunkers at Gyu village, their digging instrument hit a body. This body started bleeding from the corner of its mouth but they couldn’t decipher why. The body was excavated and put in a hut; no special precautions were taken to preserve the body. It is said that the body is still in the same state as the day it was dug out and that its hair is still growing and monks come from all over world to take its hair for worshipping. It is said that the body is of a lama in deep meditation and that he still hasn’t died. Whatever the real story maybe but it does make for an awesome experience and a great story. People taking Spiti valley trips from Delhi have firsthand saw the statue and have mentioned it in their rave reviews on Spiti tours.

White- water rafting- We all know for all the adrenaline junkies out there the yak safari and trekking will not cut it, you need something even more adventurous than search no more all your requests can be fulfilled here. Simply put Spiti is a perfect place to enjoy this water sport with ideal locations including the Spiti and pin rivers. These rivers definitely counts as the must visit places in Spiti valley and upon arrival you guys can decide if and when you want to go rafting.

The Spiti valley is a unique mountain environment in the Himalayas. Find out what you can do during your trip in the Spiti valley. You can book Spiti Valley tour packages from Capture A Trip which give you a combination of adventure, historical tours and camping. And also get exclusive deals and exciting offers on Spiti Valley Holiday Packages.

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