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Are You Moving? Here Are the Tips to Plan, Purge and Pack for the Move

Planning, Purging and Packing are the 3 Ps of the relocation process. One should plan his move, purge home and pack the goods to get ready to be moved. If you also want to have to safe and smooth move then follow the following tips to plan, purge and pack for the move: -

Decide When to Move

If you haven’t decided when to relocate then do it quickly. Relocation is a time-consuming process, if you are thinking you can move within a week then you are mistaking. You will need at least a month to plan and prepare for you move. So, the first thing to plan and prepare for a move is to decide the moving date. If you can pick your moving date and not in a hurry to move then try to keep at least one month in your hand.

Create a Plan

Planning is the key to successful move. If you want to have safe and smooth move then start planning your move. This gives you an overall idea of how you will going to manage everything to relocate your home. How will you arrange the packing materials? Where you can book rental truck from? Whether to hire professional movers or do it yourself? How long will it take to move? To know the answers of all these questions you need to create a plan.

Choose the Right Way to Relocate

Basically, there are two ways to move. One is doing it by yourself and the other is hiring professional packers and movers agency. You can choose the either one based on your requirements and budget. But remember that if hiring movers and packers will cost you higher, doing it yourself will need higher skills and excellence to execute the moving process. And if you think you cannot afford to hire packers and movers then instead of availing full packers and movers service, you can hire them for partial shifting services like only packing, loading-unloading, goods transportation or dismantling furniture and other items.


Now, purging is also one of the main phase of relocation process. This not only helps in reducing the loads of the goods you will be carrying along with you, but also reduce packers and movers charges or the moving expenses. Start from making the list of the goods you have at your home and decide what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. This way you can easily discard the items that you don’t want need.

If you are thinking how you can get rid of the stuffs that you then, you can do the following things for this:

  • give them away to your friends or relatives
  • Donate it to charity
  • Sell them online
  • Sell them to local vendor or junk dealers
  • Can make storage boxes or any other useful item from the moving boxes

Start Packing as Early as Possible

If you are hiring packers and movers in Pune then also you can save on packing charges by packing some of the goods by yourself. The goods that are small and sturdy should be packed by yourself. But, make sure to pack them according the frequency of their use.

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