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Spiti Valley is attracting a lot of tourists towards its charm. The spine-chilling winters, the blissful valleys, the serenity of the mountains, the ethnicity of the traditional culture, and YES!


Spiti Valley is located in Himachal Pradesh and is very famous for its Buddhist Culture. One can find many Buddhist Monasteries which are of great significance not only for Indians but for the world. The culture and beauty of Spiti are incredible in all terms.  The name "Spiti" means- The middle land. "The middle land between India and Tibet".  Spiti Valley is known for its winter as it only receives around 250 days of sunshine in a year which makes it one of the coldest places in India. And those who love to have some adventures it is truly a place for them.

The distance between Manali to Spiti Valley is just 170 Kms, and the drive-through Manali to Spiti is very famous amongst the bikers and those who love to go on road trips. The drive-through from Delhi to Spiti Valley is also very famous among the adrenaline junkies who just love to drive their supreme bikes and collects the best memories on their way. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the very famous places of Spiti and must to do things here.

Places to visit in Spiti

Lahaul Valley- An amalgamation of Buddhist culture and Hindu culture can be seen here, and it creates a unique aura in the valley. Lahaul Valley has many unique places in its lap, one would surely appreciate the enormous mountains, pristine valleys, fecund slopes, and ancient Gompas. It is a famous spot for travelers to Ladakh. This beautiful valley is disconnected from the world for 6 months during the winter but after Rohtang Tunnel it will be visited all-round the year.

Dhankar Lake- Dhankar Lake lies on an elevation of 4270m above sea level. The blue and green color mountains have surrounded the valley and Dhankar Monastery is just 2 km away from it. Trekking to Dhankar lake is very popular as it is a place for campers. Next time you visit Dhankar do not forget to take a round of this lake as this is a sacred ritual among the locals. The crystal-clear water and its serenity are best to calm down your nerves after such a long trek.

Key Monastery- The Key Monastery is one of the famous monasteries of India, situated on the bank of the Spiti river at an altitude of 4,166 meters above sea level. It is the oldest monastery of Spiti dated back to 1000 years old, built-in 11th century. It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and a training center for lamas.

Chandratal Lake- Chandratal is truly a place that you cannot miss during your trip to Spiti. It is situated on 'Samundra Tapu'. Due to its shape, it is also known as "Moon Lake". The most satisfying way to spend your stay here is camping and stargazing. The still water of this lake, the panoramic view of the valley is an experience which you cannot get anywhere.

Tabo Monastery- Tabo Monastery is just 12 km away from Kaza. This monastery has significant importance as it has Lhakang Gompa which lies in the small chapel. This Gompa because of its incredible murals which depict the life of Buddha has the center of attraction. You can witness the beautiful valley through its windows.

Kaza- Kaza can be reached from Shimla as well from Manali. The small town is divided into 2 regions- Old Kaza and New Kaza. Old Kaza is very famous for shopping and New Kaza is a different world as it consists of administrative offices. Both the region is connected with a bridge.

Pin Valley- A must-visit place of Spiti is Pin Valley. The Pin Valley National Park is known among the tourists as it is home to many of the endangered species of birds and animals. Set in the freezing landscapes of Spiti Valley, this amazing park was established in 1987 as a part of the Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area.


Must things to do in Spiti

Spiti Valley Bike Trip- A bike trip to Spiti is new but not impossible. You can start your journey right from Delhi to Spiti or either you can start it from Manali, Shimla also. Get the most out of your journey, a backpack will be surely added to your luggage while returning to your home and that backpack would be full of memories and experiences that will give you goosebumps throughout your life.

Have you seen a MUMMY! -  NO! Absolutely Not! We are not joking, a MUMMY in India and too in Spiti is really sounds unbelievable, Right?

But you can witness a mummy in Gue village. Also known as Mummy Village amongst tourists. It is the only "Sitting Mummy in the World" and it is believed to be of around 500-600 years old. Mummy was believed to be a monk named Sangha Tenzin. So what are you waiting for, just grab your backpacks and rush to witness it ASAP!

Stay in a monastery- away from the city's hustling and bustling life, monasteries are a way to spend some "ME TIME" to get things back on track, to figure out your way of living life. Spend some time with monks, eat with them, meditate with them, and sleep most simply to experience the calmness that lies in you. Spiti is a place where you can find many monasteries- small and big and they welcome you with their hands open.

Star Gazing- The lofty mountains and valleys of Spiti are perfect for stargazing, and camping. The best of the places of Spiti for stargazing are Kibber, Tabo, Komik, Losar, etc. If fortune favors you can witness a part of the Milky Way and dozens of shooting stars.

Road Trip to Komic- Highest Motorable Village in the World- Being the highest village in the world, Komic is connected to the highest motorable road in the world and you shouldn't miss it.

Collect some fossils- If you are also those few people who try to take away something unforgettable from the places to visit in spiti valley will add something very rare in your box and that is a FOSSIL. In the villages in Hikkim and Langza, the children will try to selling you fossils. Just ask from a villager and you will find one.

Experience adrenaline rush on World's most treacherous road- While visiting Spiti from Kinnaur, you will pass through the most treacherous road of the world with a warning of falling stones from high above. The road cuts through the mountains and cliff-hanging tunnel.

Feel nostalgic with a postcard- Send your dear ones and yourself a postcard from the highest post office in the world. Hikkim is the highest post office in the world which sits at an altitude of 14,400m above sea level.

So, this is not just it, Spiti has incredible experiences and unforgettable memories and views. Plan one with your loved ones today with us and just call us for the best of the customized and tailored-made spiti valley tour packages with several unique experiences, adventures, and comfortable stays with the coolest trek leaders only at Capture A Trip.

Let’s Capture Spiti in your list!


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