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Email Marketing: A way to fill up the Sales Funnel with B2C Leads

Nowadays, email marketing is considered one of the best lead generating techniques. This is so because email marketing can really help to generate high-quality leads that could result in sales. As per recent reports, 75% of B2C lead generation companies believe that email marketing can easily fill the sales funnel with qualified leads.

Due to lack of experience, sometimes businesses that prefer to handle the lead generation process often struggle while generating leads via email marketing. Today, we are going to share some valuable tips that would really help to generate a good number of leads through email marketing.  

1.    Engaging content should be there

To increase the availability of leads in the sales funnel via email marketing, it is significant to ensure that emails (that are going to be sent to potential customers) are engaging. This factor is paramount because if email content quality is poor, you would never be able to generate the desired number of leads.

In addition, prospects often delete those lead generation emails that contain boring content. Poor email open rate often leads to the half-filled sales funnel. This isn’t good for the business’s overall productivity. All in all, it is important to send quality emails to prospects as that’s the most effective way to increase the number of leads.      

Here are some tips that will help you to send quality lead generating emails like a B2C lead generation firm:

  • Make sure that subject lines are short and eye-catching.
  • Email content should be informative and descriptive.
  • All the key points should be highlighted.
  • Technical abbreviations shouldn’t be present in emails.
  • Attached products/services-related images should be in high resolution.

2.    Create an alluring landing page

Generally, companies that handle the B2C lead generation process fail to fill up the sales funnel via email marketing. Why? The major reason behind that is whenever prospects click the link given in the received emails, they often get redirected to the company’s website where they find several similar products that create confusion. This affects the whole lead generation process.

To stay away from the hassle of empty sales funnel, a landing page should be created and the link of it should be added to the lead generation emails. To create a reliable landing page, here’re some suggestions to be kept in mind:

  • Re-explain the benefits of products or services in a more elaborated manner.
  • The created landing page should look fresh.
  • The headline and content of the created landing page should be similar to the sent email.

3.    Be careful while sending emails

To draw a large number of leads, it is significant to send lead generating emails carefully. This is so because there would be no point to adding high-quality content to emails if prospects aren’t going to read. Usually, businesses that handle the lead generation process on their own send emails to prospects at a wrong time, owing to this, the odds of generating leads are more likely to decrease.

Oftentimes, potential customers don’t check newly received emails during business hours (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). And sending emails during this duration simply means letting all the efforts (that get put in creating the lead generating emails) go in vain. Therefore, the evening time is the best time to send lead generating emails.

In short, timing plays a crucial role when it comes to generating leads with the help of email marketing.

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