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It is a common thing amongst writers to worry about getting a piece written without exceeding deadline. It can actually be avoided. Unfortunately, this happens most times to part-time writers because they have office jobs to get to.  When you pay more attention to time management, you are most likely to present your work way before deadline. The truth is if you write, you will want to create the time. You could jot down 200 words per day, every day during lunch break and by the end of 5 days, you would have successfully written a 1000 word article. Smart work pays better than hard work.

If you have a home office, then you are in luck. Use your home office as a writing space. Lock the doors, get comfortable and write. Secondly, you can create a writing space in the corner of your living room, dining room or basement. All you need is a comfortable table, chair and some peace and quietness. If your home is very noisy, get to the library or Public Park during school hours, you will definitely love the quietness. Do all you can to turn off distraction. Let your kids or spouse know that you need some time alone. Also this is not the point when you want to make a quick chat with a friend.

Never make the mistake of thinking there is enough time for a job. Time waits for no one so spend it wisely. Top-notch full time writers know the importance of scheduling time for writing. If you are a part-time writer, all you need do is schedule a time for writing around your family or work schedule and keep to it. It is also essential to make a to-do list and prioritize your time. Be willing to say No to activities that will drain your time. Do the needful, finish up your project first because it pays your bill, and afterwards watch your favourite soaps.

Never do research in your writing time. Research takes a lot of time. You can do research on your smart device and do other activities together. The time scheduled for writing is when you gather all those research together and make a meaningful text out of them. It can save you a lot of time and stress. It helps to always carry a notepad around, so you can jot down any new information.

It is not a crime to get help. You can get someone to do your house chores or run your errand while you write. If you are a writer with multiple contracts, then you need to prioritize because all jobs comes with different deadline, even if it’s from one client. You can also solicit the help of writers looking for online academic jobs. After writing, you can edit and proofread it. However, if you plan to engage the help of a writing partner or partners, be sure to check in once or twice a week to monitor their progress. Academic sites looking for writers!

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