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I wrote the opening lines about C1 August 27. But I got stuck with some details. Today I was inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright's work. Guggenheim was a natural choice the DDZ team is working in a renovated Arts Gallery. The team is going to merge AI, IoT, Automation, Big Data remote collection, online measurements, data analysis, visualization of data, etc. 

The #book. #character 1 arrived at JFK airport at 10 am from Lissabon. He is heading to the office with a taxi but decides to go to his hotel first. He has to rent an apartment for the coming three years. All other paperwork is okay. New city, new challenges, wondering about the DDZ team.

  • DDZ = Digital Design Zone
  • C1 = Character No 1 Information analyst
  • C2 = Financial Expert
  • C3 = Hardware expert
  • C4 = Salesperson
  • C5 = Communications expert
  • C6 to C10 = roles to be defined when more pages are covered by Ink

My Character #C1 arrived with an early morning flight from Lisbon. He had the whole weekend to familiarize himself with NewYorkCity. I know a perfect place for him to go, the Guggenheim Museum, designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

There're a number of other characters to be introduced for Book 2030. One of them is a banker and financial expert. She is born in Croydon, UK, and the daughter of  Philip Morgan that I learned to know when working with the Medical Electronics Industry. 

The Characters will arrive at different times but the kick-off meeting will take place on Monday afternoon at 3 pm. Most of them have never met face to face but they know each other through online chats over skype.  Their ages and social status are still not clear. The same applies to personality and lifestyle.

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