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How to Make Rooms Look Bigger at Your House

I know owning a spacious home has got advantages but not all of us are lucky to find bigger homes. However, that does not mean that you will have to knock down walls to make the rooms big. This is because there are a lot of interior designing techniques that can help you create a space that looks bigger and more spacious. You can hire a professional interior designer  for this or can simply get a little creative yourself. Trust me, it is not that difficult at all and with my below mentioned tips, you can give your cramped and suffocating rooms a bright, lively and spacious feel.

Here we go:

Arrange the furniture well

The way you set up your furniture in your room is an important factor in deciding whether the space will look airy and open or crowded and suffocating. Well, in case you are not aware then let me just tell you that the heavier and larger objects should be kept along the periphery of your space. Make sure they do not block the entrances or the windows. You need to maintain a clear pathway.

And, yes, buy minimal furniture. Do not buy too many of them and make your rooms suffocating. Going for small and multipurpose furniture is always better to make smaller rooms look better and organized.  And here’s a super compilation of best and easy ways to organize your home  that you may like to check.

Let the light in

If your room is dark and dull, it will look smaller but if you allow the natural light to enter, the room will not just look brighter but also bigger.

Hang curtains high

You can actually create an illusion of bigger space by installing the curtain rod about 4-6 inches above the window frame. After that, you can complement it with high curtains going all the way to the ground.

However, try to avoid going for window treatments that are bulky, heavy or overtly decorative. This is because such materials may actually absorb natural light of the space and make the rooms look darker and smaller. You may avoid the opaque curtains and go for sheer lace curtains.

Go for the mirror remedy

Mirror remedy is a very popular way to make small rooms look bigger. You can place them on one side of the wall or on sliding closet doors. By reflecting the space back at look, mirrors help in doubling its size. Mirrors will also help in reflecting the natural light all over the room making the space brighter and bigger.

Go for light paint colors

The color of your room is also responsible for making the room look bigger or crowded. So, if you want to make your rooms look bigger, I will suggest you to go for lighter shades of paint color. White, beige, light grey, light blue etc. are great options to go for.


If you have kept too many items in a small room, then one of the easiest ways to make the look bigger is to declutter. Simply keep the essential items and get rid of the other stuffs. Let your room breathe.

Over to you

You may dream of a big home but with bigger homes comes higher maintenance costs. So, if you want, you may try out my recommended list of interior designing tricks to make your small rooms look bigger and more spacious. I am sure that things will work for you


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