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How to Prepare for UPSC Exam during Covid-19 Lockdown?


The Covid-19 has brought up a situation where we are confined to our homes. The schools, colleges and the coaching classes everything is under lockdown. We cannot attend classes and have to study from our home itself.

Under these circumstances, the UPSC has also deferred the Civil Services Prelims examination which had to take place on 3rd of May. Although, the serious aspirants would have already completed their syllabus. But it wouldn’t be true for all the candidates. So, it is the perfect opportunity to either complete what is left or get an extra edge in your preparation.

Study during lockdown

Though studying during lockdown could be a tricky thing for a common student who attends classes or does group study. But it is no big deal for a civil services aspirant. Because, they already remain under self-imposed lockdown during their government examination preparation.

Avoid Group studies

UPSC exam paper is dreaded for syllabus that covers anything under the Sun. So, candidates find it relatively easier to prepare for this exam with help of their fellow candidates and teachers. However, the situation has changed drastically these days. Thus, to keep you safe and healthy avoid meeting in groups and rather help yourself.

Apart from that, try to avoid sharing books as well because we know how contagious this virus is.

Do not go out unnecessarily

Candidates staying away from their homes for the preparation may have leaved their homes to buy ration and all. But it is very necessary to take precautions and avoid social contacts because it may result into a bad situation. Avoid going out for morning or evening walks. Rather listen to some good music or watch any movie to relax between studies.

Try not to Procrastinate

Given the uncertainty we are living in, it is quite possible that a few candidates would indulge themselves in other activities and may leave the work on the next day. This can hamper the preparation, thus try to achieve your daily targets for the best results.

E-learning platforms

Now that all the book shops are closed and it might be difficult to get some reading material. It is best to make use of the e-learning platforms for watching explanatory videos or attempt tests to practice in a better way.

Online Education

Online education is limitless in the sense that there are so many alternatives present for the students that it makes the government examination preparation relatively easier. You can get help of teachers, mentors or fellow students with the help of online education.

Eat healthy stay healthy

Many a times the candidates neglect their health while preparing for the government examinations. It is necessary to eat healthy and stay healthy to not just beat the examinations blues but also to keep the fear of coronavirus at bay. Remember to take vitamins and minerals so as to keep both the brain and immune system ready for the big task.

Preparation for the beginners

This the apt time for the beginners to kick-start their preparation for the coveted civil services examination. But before rushing into the preparation, the candidates must look at some important things. Like, during lockdown, they can thoroughly go through the UPSC CSE exam pattern.

They need to understand the syllabus of UPSC in depth and also the requirements of the UPSC CSE exam pattern. The most important and the difficult task in the preparation of UPSC CSE exam is choosing the optional subject. So, the candidates can fruitfully utilise this time to research which optional subject would help them the most.

Apart from that, the candidates could take help of the internet, to browse through all the important books and material required for the examination. This would take them in the right direction of their preparation.

Seldom any candidates give time to such things, but in long run these things are very important to help your preparation for government exams and get ahead in the list.

Even if you are not a serious aspirant for CSE, you could check whether it is your cup of tea or not during the lockdown phase.


Being a student, we should make use of every opportunity or situation that comes our way. This lockdown phase is no different. Don’t let it get over you and make you lose focus from your studies. Keep doing what you have got to do. UPSC examinations are not something that can be cracked with one- or two-day preparation. Its preparation requires perseverance, endurance and hard work without any excuse. And lockdown cannot be one of the excuses.

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