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How to prepare Important Tips for UPSC Interview

The performance of the students at UPSC Civil Services interview ultimately decides the final rank in the merit list.

5 quick tips to crack UPSC Civil Services interview round. It is important to know the answers to the above questions as it will help you in getting the best result from the said exam. Apart from doing well in the examination, you will also get benefits that are unexpected. For example, an engineer who cracks the interview should get an award from his employer on presentation day along with other personnel who have made distinguished contributions to the industry and it’s ever so slightly lopsided as to make for an interesting experience. But, being subjected to a rigorous set of tests that puts your knowledge to question and makes you work hard for your results definitely makes for an interesting journey.

All this, while attempting to clear the entrance examination for UPSC Civil Services. Let’s take a look at these 5 tips to crack UPSC Civil Services interview round. Civil Services are a massive selection of agencies, departments, and other entities that perform work for the government.  This can be anything from national parks and wildlife refuges to health services and education institutions. Civil Services exam is conducted by the UPSC on a set of guidelines that define the range of competencies expected from officers holding administrative posts in different sectors.  Civil Services tend to attract more ambitious candidates given the large pool of opportunities.

There are five quick tips I recommend to candidates who are trying to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination (UPSCSE), as all postings are competitive and every effort is made to make the examination process fair. Every year, hundreds of aspirants face this dreaded challenge, and it often takes an exceptional candidate to crack the list. To make it more competitive, the UPSC Secretariat has decided to offer special exemptions/extensions on professional qualifications for candidates who want to be exempted from performing any aspect of the examination. Below are five quick tips to help you crack UPSC Civil Services interview round. You may have studied extensively on the exams but still failed to impress the panel members with your knowledge and abilities.

This article will give you a fresh look at important aspects discussed by the various experts and professionals who had taken the exam before you. The UPSC Civil Services Examination (UPSC) is the toughest examination among all the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). It is held every two years and attracts the top five percent of the applicant pool from across India.

Candidates are supposed to put in a lot of efforts for this exam, as most of the companies prefer to select the candidates who excel over the rest in terms of academics and facilities. If any candidate fails to understand anything in the examination, he/she cannot take the job. As per the official website of UPSC Civil Services, these five tips will help you crack this toughest exam for entry into the Indian Institutes of Technology. It is not as easy as you think to crack the UPSC civil services exam. It has been said many times that candidates who take the test think that it is just about proficiency in administration and filing. But any candidate can make some preparation and do very well if he or she has got proper support from consultants, school teachers etc.

Here are five tips on what you can do to make sure that your effort is not lost. It is indeed unfortunate that serious candidates have to wait for the opportunity to interview by UPSC. But, it must be remembered that it is essential for them to make an early impression upon the selection panel which will spend considerable time looking into their file records, including their work history and professional references. If a candidate does not make it to the interview stage, he/she may have to wait for another round in which case he/she will have wasted three additional days at the office.

The tips below will help you clear the interview round:

  1. Enroll for mock interview:- Make sure to attend at least 3 to 4 mock interviews and improve your preparation based on the feedback by panel experts before appearing for the final UPSC interview.

  1. Read your DAF thoroughly: Most of the questions in the UPSC interview will be based on your Detailed Application Form. Read your DAF thoroughly several times and prepare well for the questions from the areas like; education, hobbies, past work experience, services preference, etc.


  1. Cultivate a good body language: Work on your body posture, personal appearance, and body language, as you are going to be judged on the basis of this in the interview. During the interview, keep yourself calm, maintain eye contact, listen to the panel members very patiently, greet them well and appear very attentive yet with a composed body posture.


  1. Be up to date with current affairs and read the newspaper thoroughly: Keep yourself aware of the important current news, elections, government policies, etc. Read Economic surveys, Yojana, and the Indian yearbook thoroughly and take notes from them. The panel may ask you about the news that appeared last week in the newspaper, so keep yourself updated. Make sure you revise the current affairs of the past one month. Questions on these can definitely be expected in the UPSC IAS Interview 2016.

  1. Work on your confidence level: Last, but not the least, appear confident in front of the panel members. If you are unsure about an answer, don't get nervous; just say that you don't know. You cannot have the knowledge about everything under the sun, so it's very normal. Just feel relaxed. But remember the line between confidence and over confidence; just be confident but don't cross the line.

  1. E-learning Classes:-You should go and join online eLearning Platform because it’s very help you clear the interview round. Unoreads helps to improve your skills with its learning and competitive exams learning portal. It offers a wide range of classes for beginners and students of all age groups at their most convenient and affordable for students, Unoreads provides online Classes. The Unoreads offers regular workshops and coaching sessions to help aspiring and current professionals improve their speaking skills, writing skills as well as analytical reasoning abilities.

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