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What exactly is Sheep foot Roller?

An sheeps foot roller is a machine used to make soil more compact. It is an essential piece of equipment in the construction of roads. It is used on roads and for settling the foundation of structures, buildings, and other structures with shallow or spread foundations.

Sheep foot rollers are static as well as vibrational types of machines that are designed to compaction soil using a mix of clay that is finely grained and sand gravel. They have metal drums that are fitted that are equipped with luggage fixings. They can be pressurized up to 14 kg per sq centimeter. There are different kinds of lugs like spindle-shaped, wide vases, prismatic, and clubfoot models.

The drum's weight can be enhanced with the help of water or any metal fitting to it.

Different types of sheep foot Rollers?

There are many kinds of sheep foot rollers, as that are described below.

  • Sheep foot of the ordinary Sheep.
  • Convertible Roller
  • Turn Foot Roller

1. Ordinary Sheep Foot Roller

The sheep-foot rollers of the ordinary produce excellent compaction across the entire thickness of the layers. Rollers are used when the coating is solid, waterproof, impervious, or clay.

The roller is made up of a set of steel drums hollow and grooved steel positioned on its surface. Steel grooves range from 100 to mm-200 millimeters from one another. Its weight could be as high as 15 tons, and it moves at 25 KM/hour speed.

The grove made of steel mounted on the drum causes additional compaction of the layer that runs from the button to the top layer.

2. Convertible Roller

The Convertable roller can be converted easily to a regular roller. A separate grove cover can be quickly reattached or removed from the roller. This can be used for different smooth and compact surfaces whenever needed.

3. Turn Foot Roller

In line with their name, this type of roller is a groove that can be turned within the drum. A sloping groove arrangement on Zic Zac way helps reduce the soil's compactness in various locations.

The characteristics of sheep foot rollers

  • The ground coverage for this roller is low, ranging from 8 to 12 percent.
  • Ground coverage of the lugs under the pressure of contact between drums ranges from 1400 to 7000 Kilopascals.
  • Sheep foot rollers operate at a rate of 6 to 10 kilometers per hour.
  • The effect of the roller's compaction depends on the speed of kneading as well as the weight of the roller.
  • It is most commonly used to make sandy soils like silky soils rather than sandy soils and heavy soils.
  • The size of the compacted layer is limited to at least five centimeters or more, based upon the width of the foot used on foot rollers made of sheet.
  • Sheep foot rollers can be used for compacting fine clay and fine-grain soils, such as silty clay, which is also used for complying subgrade layers for railroad and freeway projects.

The advantages of the sheep foot roller

  • It has a better ability to compact the soil layer. It is more efficient than other rollers.
  • It can be utilized in both adhesive and cohesive soil.
  • The groove's needle goes into the soil, causing it to compress the soil's lower layer.
  • It is not required to have additional mixing effects.

Advantages of sheep foot Roller

  • It uses more fuel.
  • It causes soil to be rough after compaction.
  • Workforce skills are required to set up and operate the machine.

Different types of rollers

  • Smooth-Wheeled rolle Smooth-Wheeled role
  • Pneumatic-tired roller
  • Sheep-Foot roller

1.) Smooth-Wheeled Roller

The smooth-Wheeled roller can be described as an unadorned steel roller. Its weight ranges between 5 and 15 tons. These rollers have only one wheel at the front and two at the rear. The rear wheels are more prominent in diameter and usually comprised of rubber tires.

The compaction results produced by a smooth wheeled rolling roller do not extend to the bottom of the plot. It can only compact the upper part, that is, the surface of the plan. After the compaction process, it leaves an even surface. These rollers compact fine soil, such as sand, crushed stone, and gravel.

2.) Pneumatic-tyred roller

The tired pneumatic roll comprises several rubber tires on the front and back of the registration. It is the best choice for compact soil that is fine-graded. The width of the tire can be adjusted to alter the force of compaction per square meter on the layer of soil.

3.) Sheep-Foot roller

We have talked in a brief manner about the sheep foot roller in the article. Furthermore, these rollers are utilized when the land has to be compacted, and high compaction is needed.

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