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The Core Principles of Value for UI/UX Design

To get to the core of what makes UX work and how you can provide your users with an excellent experience, today we'll cut through the frameworks, and even most activities.

Our responsibility as UI&UX Consultant is to find solutions that are:

  1. Emotionally fulfilling
  2. Result-driven, and
  3. Simple to comprehend and work with

Let's examine what this entails in terms of the value that the user is seeking in more detail. This can take many different forms. Users desire a solution that is superior to what they now use and offers them more value with less work.

Users, above all, do not want to think about it; they simply want it done.

This is consistent with the jobs-to-be-done philosophy, but when viewed broadly, it is the most obvious metric to compare against – does the proposed solution produce the desired outcomes?

  1. Elements of Value
  2. Emotional value

A user's emotional response to your good or service is referred to as emotional value. This is crucial since unsatisfied customers are less inclined to utilise your product frequently. Additionally, if your product or service helps customers feel good about themselves, their actions, or their decisions, they are far more inclined to interact with it. This can be a good thing or a terrible thing, and your product must first try to fill a user's emotional requirements in order to fully satisfy the other two parts of value.

Inquire of yourself and your users:

  1. How are they currently resolving their issues?
  2. What effect does it have on them?
  3. Where do their interactions with their current solution make them feel frustrated, aggravated, upset, disheartened, dejected, or otherwise off-put?

Listen to what your users are saying and see what they are doing to obtain a clear picture of what is truly happening for them. More about their mental and emotional health will be revealed by this combination than by either factor acting alone.

Utility Value

Utility Value refers to the outcome that a user achieves after using your product or services.
Inquire of yourself and your users:

  1. What is the job that it is assisting them with?
  2. What can a user expect as a result of using your product?
  3. How are the results produced by your product superior to those produced by competitors?
  4. How can you show or directly show a user the outcomes that your product promises, and how can you make the value of these outcomes appear to them?

By supporting the user in getting the desired results, you establish a trustworthy relationship with them. The best strategy made by UI&UX Design Company in India to enhance utility value and enhance user experience is to be more explicit about your users' needs and the outcomes you particularly provide.

Convenience Value

Convenience value refers to how easy the procedure is for your user, as opposed to emotional and utilitarian values, which focus on how your product makes a user feel and what it allows them to do.

Convenience is the ease with which a user can obtain the intended outcomes.

  1. How simple is it for your user to get from point A to point Z?
  2. How much faster can you make the process for them, with less thought and effort?
  3. How frequently do they need to intervene in order to receive input, make decisions, or provide additional information to ensure that your process runs smoothly?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of their current solutions? By comparison, how much more convenient could you make yours?

All of these questions are meant to start a conversation within your UI&UX Consultant, and they should help you feel empathy for your users when designing a solution that is tailored to their specific value requirements. In UI/UX Design services Bangalore, your goal should always be to uncover the values that your users require and desire, as well as to answer the following questions:

  1. What emotions does your product elicit in its users?
  2. What does your product enable users to accomplish?
  3. How simple will the process be for your users if you use this product?

You’ll be well on your way to a successful, highly valuable product offering once you’ve answered these questions and applied them to your designs.

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