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Understanding the Facets of Online Tuition

All you need to know about them, with tips included!

With the latest trends like the Dalgona coffee and Ludo King, we have slowly but gradually been introduced to this whole trend of online classes. This trend has soon turned out to be a whole new lifestyle for us, as we learn to adapt to this new normal. But what exactly are the pros and cons of these online tuition classes, and as a parent, what are few things you can do to handle them? Let’s find out here.

Pros of online tuition

Comfortable access

 The major advantage of online tutoring is the comfort it brings along. Any class can be accessed through online mode of education which makes it all the easier for students to access popcorn without intervals and bring their boring history classes with them to bed!

Anywhere access

All that online tuition classes need a strong internet connection and a device to proctor the video. This helps students to access virtual tutoring even while traveling and saves time of travel and also the expenses for the same.

Any course

Online tutoring services are the best solutions to students, irrespective of age, to start learning courses at online tutoring sites, from their given location.

Feel Safe notions

Having to see your child attend online tutoring from home through a screen is something most parents prefer over sending them away. They feel at ease with the direct monitoring that they get to give their children.

Cons of online tuition

Harming health

While live tuition classes over a screen might sound too easy to handle, continuous screen time has been found to cause damage to health starting from mild headaches, sight discrepancies to long term tumors that may scar one for life. On the broader sight, this seems far heavy a price to pay.

Lack of human interaction and understanding

 The familiarity that students associate with their teachers’ facial expression, touch and voice is lost over the screen as not much can be comprehended from a virtual meeting software.

Lack of clear understanding

Certain concepts that are too difficult to teach over online tuition. There is a wide communication gap between both teachers and student, due to this online mode of tuition.

Understanding technology

 Online tutoring websites bring with them network issues, frozen screens and meet capacities, which are issues that are new to most teachers and students and getting hold of it is still a long way to go.

Tips for parents to deal with online tuition

Establish usual

 Treat each live class as a normal tuition class and follow the usual approach as we follow in a tuition class.

Check in with teachers

With online tutoring modes, it is more important to keep a constant check with teachers regarding your child’s performance and abilities in online class.

Encourage exercise and breaks

Constant screen time is harmful, hence encourage children to exercise regularly and take some time off the screens.

Online tuition is again having advantages and disadvantages need to be handled carefully to take advantages and minimize disadvantages. With the above tips, we hope you handle your child’s online classes with efficiency.

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