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Wallpaper Cost and Application Guide for Home and Office

Wallpaper is a wall covering material which is being used heavily. Wallpapers are easy to use, cheaper than the wall tiles and it helps you create amazing highlight in a particular wall. Wall papers are generally used to create the accent wall or to highlight a particular interior design element like a Tv unit.

The best thing about wallpapers is that it can be used on a wall, or plywood and due this flexibility, the scope of application simply multiples. There are tons of designs and variations available, and therefore no matter the theme of your house, you can find suitable wallpaper for your home or workplace.

If you are planning for home interior designing, and you are on a budget, then instead of using costly wall tiles, you may like to try wallpaper to create a highlighted wall or accent zone at less cost than costly wall tiles.

Today, interior designers  all over the world are using wallpapers in their home and office interior designing project or renovation works.

And therefore it makes sense to give it a try.

What’s the cost of wall paper in India?

Even though the wallpapers are way cheaper than the wall tiles, this is not the only reason why wall tiles are being used by the professional interior designer. But, cost is definitely one of the factor and therefore I am share the rate chart with you.

But before disclosing the rates for wallpapers, let me tell you that there are several types of wallpapers available in the market (especially in India), and based on the materials quality, its prices may vary.

Here’s a simple rate chart to help you get some cost idea on wallpapers.

  • Vinyl wallpaper – Rs. 2200 - Rs. 3500 per roll of 57 sqft
  • Solid vinyl wallpaper – Rs. 3500 – Rs. 4500 per roll of 57 sqft
  • Paper backed vinyl wallpaper – Rs. 4600 – Rs. 6500 per roll of 57 sqft
  • Glass cloth or fabric wallpaper – Rs. 7200 – Rs. 8500 per roll of 57 sqft

The cost mentioned here is the cost range of wallpapers in India.

It does not include the cost of wallpaper application, which may vary based on your city, but generally starts from Rs. 550 per roll.

The only cost disadvantage with wallpaper is that, it’s not available on square feet size, and therefore no matter how much small your space is, you have to buy at least one roll of around 57 square feet.

But there is no limitation to design and therefore you have a lot of choices.

Learn more about how to choose wallpaper  for your bedroom and home.

Wallpapers applications at home and office

Wallpapers can quickly and cheaply transform the walls. Be it at your home or office, as the name suggests, you can apply wallpaper to transform the look and feel of a particular wall. Wall covering can easily be a good substitute for costly wall tiles or wall paints.

Secondly, the application is not just limited to walls, you can use it to transform the look of TV Unit, wardrobe or there is actually a lot of application.


Wallpapers are really a great option when you want to create an accent wall, without spending a lot of money. It can be a substitute of wall painting, texture painting or wall tiling to create the highlight. It’s easy to apply, and can be replaced as and when you want.  

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