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What to do when movers are packing your goods for moving?

Packing and moving involves a lot of tasks, but when you have a professional moving company on board, it can easily become fun and convenient to relocate. The movers and packers companies have a good and experience people in their team that can take care of all aspects of packing and moving.

So, if you have already booked a packer and mover service, then that’s amazing. But have you thought of what you will be doing while the move team do the packing and take care of other essential tasks like disassembling, labeling etc?

Well, there’s a lot that you can do, and that’s what I am going to talk about in today’s post. Sitting ideal, watching movers pack your goods is not going to be fun. There’s a lot that you can do, and here are a few of such things that you can do to keep yourself involved and make the relocation fun and exciting.

So here, you go.

Sort out items correctly

When movers start packing, they do it very fast. I mean they are literally fast at it and therefore it is important to sort thing correctly, i.e. keep things that are required to be packed and moved. Any of the household goods that you don’t plan to move should be kept away, or else the movers may end up packing those items as well.

Prepare for movers arrivals

There are certain things that should do before the move team arrives like defrosting the fridge, emptying the dish washer, unplugging home and kitchen appliances like washing machine etc.  Take a good look and see what you can do that will help the movers speedup the process and do it right. Usually movers suggest these steps in advance, but if not, you can try doing these

Pack items you need to carry with you

Apart from the household items that the move team will pack and relocate, there are certain important and essential items that you have to carry with you when moving; they call it the essential survival box. Essential survival box should have items that can’t be handed over to the mover and packer, and therefore, you should pack and carry these goods with you. Items like important document, jewelry, cash, first aid kit, essential prescribed medicines etc.

Here’s a detailed list of essential household things to keep and carry with you when relocating that you may like to check.

Take care of kids and pets

If you have kids and pets at home, then take care good care of them and ensure their safety. This is very important because out of curiosity, they may roam around here and there and cause disturbance or end up getting harmed. In fact, it’s always better to involve your kids (obviously after ensuring their safety) in the process when you can, or else, they will always like to poke here and there, and cause disturbance.

Do nothing special

As the move team is here, juts make them feel comfortable and supervise the work. You actually don’t have to do anything special. Just greet them well, ask for water, and help them do their task efficiently, but you got to supervise the process to ensure that they are doing things correctly.

Over toy you

Packing and moving is best done by the professionals. The professional moving companies undertake hundreds of shifting and relocation every month and therefore they get the expertise to pull it off safely and successfully.

It’s always better to take their help to get things relocated safely. But you can’t really leave everything on the moving team, involving yourself in the process can surprisingly increase the efficiency of the mover and packer company.

I have already discussed about the top five essential things you can do while the movers and packers are looking after packing of your goods. This way, you won’t feel bored and also get involved in the process, which is always fun.

Hope you will try these fun things to do while movers pack your goods.

Happy relocation!

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